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Coloured Diamond Stud Earrings

The highest possibleColour Grade and the diamond is colourless. Most expensive among colour gradesdue to the reality it is rare

Coloured Diamond Stud Earrings

Coloured Diamond Stud Earrings

Studearring is one occultism that has survived ages and is stilladored Right from the case of Cleopatra until today, the charm & attractiveness ofearrings has never faded away. And when it comes to earrings studded withDiamonds, what could be renovate than that!!!!

Back in the 1920s, theGemmological Institute of America (GIA) devised an international gradingsystem, often referred to as the 4Cs of diamonds – carat size, cut, blush andclarity

Some hint regardingdifferent ColouredDiamond Stud Earrings that are used to makegorgeous diamond earrings arementioned below: –

D Colour – The cardinal possibleColour Grade and the diamond is pallid Most expensive among flush gradesdue to the detail it is odd If you retain the cash then this is a redden gradethat is well worth it.

E Colour – It is pasty to thenaked eye and only a well experienced gemmologist using special kit andmaster stones where one can determine a redden difference between a D and Ecolour diamond

F Colour – Still considered acolourless quality and a colossal level diamond but with a slight hint of colourdetected by an experienced gemmologist This will business well with either whitegold or platinum jewellery.

G Colour This variety is nearlycolourless, with a faint distemper that is noticeable only to a tame gemmologistThis redden merit commit passive appear waxen when mounted onto jewellery, aperfect alloy of grade and value

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