March 29, 2023

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Wooden Bangles: How They Are Made

Everyone loves the unique look of a wooden bangle bracelet, yet no one is sure how they are made; now the process is explained.

Wooden Bangles: How They Are Made

used the wooden bangle as a fashion of figure special occasions by either decorating it with specific markings or adding the markings to an already present bangle In detail some tribes used a bangle as a type of connubial symbol, like a wedding ring, when two kinsfolk were joined in unionWhat Type of Materials Can Be Used to Make Bangle BraceletsWhile there are several types of materials that can be used to make bangle bracelets; such as gold, silver, copper, brass, bronze, shell, ceramic and any kimd of metal alloys, wood is one of the more preferred materials for a variety of reasons One of the most popular reasons for the option of wood over additional materials is because of the sturdiness of the material. Even bangles made from metals stagnant carries the choice of becoming dented or knack with age, this isnt article that you have to torment about with a wooden bangle Another haunting actuation for the preference of wood is because of the many decorative options that this germane presents. You can choose to either distemper the wood to any genre of finish that appeals to you and plainly vacate it this method or you can add decorative touches; such as workman painted designs to make it unique and one of a kindWhat Types of Wood Are Used In Bangle BraceletsAny style of wood can be used to make a bangle bracelet, the possibility can actually be dictated according to your personal preference, but some of the other popular woods are the ones from India because of their fecund segment patterns which enhance the charm of the piece Although these types of woods are preferred some of the supplementary types that have been utilized are Teak, Cherry, African mahogany, Bamboo and several supplementary types. Most of the types of woods that are used to make bangle irons come from Asia, India, Africa or Brazil However, many artists who make their hold wooden bangle handcuffs generally gain the materials from acquaintances who venture with wood so the bangle is made from whatever pertinent they are supplied with There really is no correct or wrong genus of wood when it comes to moulding bangle handcuffs its really fair whatever your option to undertaking with is.How Are the Bangle Bracelets Made?Now you sense the saga of the bangle and what the bangles can be made from but the query of how inactive remains When it comes to production a bangle bracelet there really are no economical cuts that can be taken in making the pure bracelet itself Basically, the bracelet must be carved from whatever wood is chosen Some choose to use carving utensils to carve out the center quota for the wrist, its superior to keep in mood the size that you need the bangle to be so that you can carve it within those dimensions There are connections who buy the prefabricated wooden bangles and these of course are collection produced with the carving done by automated machineryOnce you retain your bangle haunt then youre ready to cloak it according to your tastes and specifications Some people choose to aptly tint the bracelet and leave it innocent while others want to put their posses unique touches to it If you decide to whitewash your retain designs on the bracelet it is finest done on the crude fresh wood, but if you should use the prefabricated ones then take some fine sandpaper and mushroom the glaring varnish from the bracelet so that the acrylic tint you use for your designs adheres much better After you have perfect your designs and they obtain dried and youre satisfied with your pattern then use marked acrylic spray dye in either matte or gloss (according to your taste) to seal your bracelet and grant it the finishing touches.Now with a mend understanding of how they are made you can appreciate the wooden bangle bracelet more

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